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" I couldn't ask anything more from a relationship with a builder."

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At Turnstone Builders, every home is a custom home, regardless of your budget.

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The Internet of Everything + Your New Custom Home

Clearly there are major perks of having a smart home. Even those Delaware home buyers and renovators that think it’s smart to wait for the glitches to be worked out, prices of technology and devices to come down, and the security of these applications to be improved before building them into their homes and daily lives, it just makes sense to plan for them. Read More >

Top 10 Tips for Moving with Kids

KidsHealth.org suggests that involving kids in the planning helps make them feel like participants and can “make the change feel less like it’s being forced on them.” Let them voice their concerns so that you can dispel their fears, and show them that you value their input, and are a team. Read More >